Portfolio Samples

ra Recipe for Fatherhood
This is a personal web site which represents my work to promote cooking among fathers. It contains tips for new Dads and recipes I've created which can be made in 30 minutes or less and breaks them down into 10 minute increments. Breaking down the cooking process both makes the task seem less daunting and supports relationships in that a meal can be timed for just after your baby falls asleep. I'm currently working on creating a cook book that I will self-publish. Visit Recipe for Fatherhood.

ra Roger Aceves Direct Mail
Every political campaign requires direct mail to thousands of people -- especially during the absentee voting period in October. As Roger's campaign manager, I was responsible for designing, printing and mailing these postcards out to voters in Goleta for his campaign for City Council. Please click on the image to make it larger.

ra Website for La Bella Luce Mirrors
I designed this website for an incredible artist who designs frames for mirrors and installs them in your home. We used an image of one of the mirrors as the home page and created a stellar portfolio set of pages that show of her work well. The website has already increased her sales and she will be soon opening a store on Garden Street in Santa Barbara. Visit labellalucemirrors.com to see for yourself!

ds CALM Design Showcase
This annual event requires a poster, brochure/direct mail piece and an invitation to a gala opening night. Although the poster was full color, the direct mail piece received high marks for affordability and beauty as it was printed in two-colors only. The 7,000 piece mailing went to supporters of CALM which is Santa Barbara's advocate against child abuse.

asec All Saints Carmel Arts Fair Flyer
I created this flyer for my hometown parish in Carmel, California for their Arts and Crafts Fair that they produce every year. The main goal of this project was to create a more professional look for the event whcih I achieved with higher quality artwork than has been used in the past.

ccvf CCVF Program Cover
This is a 70 page program that became quite complicated in its content as 20 different companies posted their business summaries and other metrics on a website where I translated this info to the program with a limit of just one page per company. Managing this amount of information meant being in constant communication with the organizers to make sure nothing was left out -- especially with last minute changes that came right before the printing process. The guts of the program were three hole punched and placed in a black binder and the cover pictured here was placed in the front cover's plastic sleeve.

kwSummer Intensive Postcard
This postcard piece was sent to readers of Dance Magazine nationwide and promoted the State Street Ballet Summer Intensive Program which trains dancers in their late teens and early 20s.

I was lucky enough to be able to use the photography of David Bazemore which helped make it a beautiful piece. This piece was off set print and sent to a mail house to be sent to 15,000 dancers across the country.

ssbState Street Ballet's Season Program
For this project, a 24-page program was designed where there would be a different cover for each of the four ballet's shown during the season. I produced the entire program and sold ads for the program itself.

This project was a complete makeover from the year before as the ballet realized they needed to be able to change information in the several months between ballet productions. An improved work flow also allowed different ads and event information inside the program throughout the season.

The system worked so well we will be repeating it for the 2006-07 season.

The JEM Project CD Cover
Justice Economic Ministries asked that I create a cover for a compilation CD of folk musicians from around the country. The CD, which featured some of my own photography, was a benefit for their work in 3rd world countries. It was a fun project which had me learn a whole new area of design.

Santa Barbara Fair and Expo
For several years, I coordinated marketing and advertising for the Santa Barbara Fair and Expo at Earl Warren Showgrounds which partially resulted in increased attendance for the event. I coordinated the creation of the poster, direct mail, radio, television and print advertising for the event. I also managed media relations during the event itself which included live news and weather reports from KEYT-TV.

Antioch University's Catalogue
This is a good example of a project for which I am well suited for. The Antioch University Santa Barbara course catalogue involved organizing several departments at the university to provide the information necessary for their section; as well as quite a bit of interaction with university administration during the development, editing and printing process.

Santa Barbara National Amateur Horse Show
This is a yearly show held at Earl Warren Showgrounds for which I have designed a program cover three years in a row. The program is actually mailed to show attendees and participants several weeks before the event. Special attention is made to finding the right kind of picture which demonstrates correct riding style.

Santa Barbara Mayor Marty Blum
I served as the Mayor's campaign manager for 15 years and also served as her assistant at City Hall. I wrote speeches, managed media relations, direct mail, radio and television commercials for Blum as a Council Member and then Mayor.